“Carla is a wonderful, creative person. When it comes to hair color, I have never been to anyone that comes close to meeting her creative expertise. Carla always listens to what type of hairstyle and color you would like and makes suggestions based on that. I’ve followed her all over town!”–Lisa Rice


“Love Carla – have followed her all over town! :)” –Sarah Landwehr Sadewhite


“An amazing artist who knows how to work with your hair and consistently has strategies for how your hair can bring focus to your best features.” –Amy Enderle


“Wish I was closer to Columbia. I miss those hair cuts—it hasn’t been the same since” –Dan Link


“I consider Carla an “artistic stylist”! Her hair cuts are unmatched…designed especially for you. Not only will you enjoy a perfect cut, color, and style but manageability like you have never experienced. She is just the best!” –Jan Pearman


“As a traveling writer/expat, necessity has dictated having my hair done all over the place, but I still haven’t found a stylist anywhere who understands my needs & personal style and transforms them into flattering cut & color as well as Carla. When I tell Carla I want something different, or show her a hairstyle I like, she knows what to do to make it work for me. So every time I’m stateside, I head to Columbia and Carla finds me an opening. When I got married, Carla was my stylist of choice for all of our events in Spain and Missouri and my bridesmaids appreciated her expertise, too.” –Chris Ciolli


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