Wigs and Hairpieces

Whether you’re wearing wigs and hairpieces because of health-related hair loss (alopecia, chemotherapy, etc) or simply for fun and comfort at special events, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful in your wigs.

That’s why I’m committed to selling only high-quality wigs and hairpieces (Dimples Jon Renau, and Joli Caméléon). I’ll help you choose the right wig cap for your circumstances, and carefully personalize the hair, too, whether that means trimming and styling the wig to flatter your face shape, or adding a weft for length and volume.

I’m a sponsor member of The American Hair Loss Council and work as a liaison for the Children with Hair Loss program which provides 1 free human hair wig per child per year, free of charge. My contribution to this amazing program is offering wig care and styling for these kids, free of charge.

reusable brows

In addition to wigs and wefts, I also sell Dimples Brow Starter kits that include brow fixative, a brow comb and a reusable pair of Dimples brows (available in a wide variety of colors and shapes).

For more information on the brands I work with, please check out their websites in the above links, or the videos below or contact me directly.
















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